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Orr, Minnesota is a quaint, full service community nestled on the banks of the sparkling waters of beautiful Pelican Lake. With an eye to the future, Orr has retained its rustic charm of days gone by.


Although inhabited by indigenous people for many years, the area around Orr remained largely unsettled until the arrival of the French fur traders known as voyageurs and their native Ojibwa guides in the 1700’s.


Later, in the late 1800’s, it was the booming timber industry that brought true settlement, along with many lumberjacks and their families. Among them was an entrepreneur and lumberman named William Orr who built a hotel, general store and other permanent structures that would become the town that would bear his name.


Founded in 1905, Orr was a center of activity and the source of many stories of wild adventure throughout the height of the lumbering industry.

Today, the timber industry is still an important aspect of the Orr experience, both in its current operation and in its rich history. In a modern, fast-paced world, the longing to get to places of serene natural beauty has resulted in tourism becoming a vital part of the economy.


Situated at the gateway to Voyageurs National Park and on the shores of its own beautiful lake, Orr offers the very best in all outdoor activities in a pristine wilderness setting. The community members of the city of Orr, Minnesota, extend a hearty welcome to come and visit, take a picture with Billy the Bluegill, and enjoy the wonder. We’ll leave the northern lights on for you.

The gateway to Voyageurs National Park and on beautiful Pelican Lake, Orr offers the best in outdoor activities in a pristine wilderness setting.

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